Florentina Leitner and Benjamin Benmoyal are two exciting emerging fashion designers who made waves during Paris Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2023 season. Their collection showcased a perfect blend of creativity, innovation, and elegance, which captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and critics alike.

Florentina Leitner, an Austrian fashion designer, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Through her journey in the industry, she worked for notable fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, where her technical and tailoring skills flourished. On the other hand, Benjamin Benmoyal is a Parisian designer who worked for brands such as Saint Laurent and Givenchy before launching his label. While their aesthetics differ, each brand has an eclectic mix of modern and traditional, focusing on feminine silhouettes and intricate detailing - playing with contrasting textures, fabrics, and colors - creating unique pieces that stand out on the runway. Their collection embodies a combination of sharp tailoring and flowing shapes with elegance and edge.

For Florentina Leitner, incorporating bows and ruffles while experimenting with cutouts and asymmetrical hemlines add luxury to their collections. Alternatively, Benjamin Benmoyal has whimsical fluidity of playfulness, bold and vibrant colors, and draped layers that create sensual movement when on the body.

Overall, Florentina Leitner and Benjamin Benmoyal's collections are a testament to their creativity, innovation, and skill. Creating a perfect balance of modern and traditional while adding statement designs and accessories for that stand-out moment. We look forward to seeing these talented designers take the industry by storm as they reach global awareness.