Our Muse

Representing The Unrepresented

Representation is important. When a young black girl looks into a magazine, watches tv, or listens to the radio; their hope is to find some role model that resembles her. Someone that looks just like her and emulates the characteristics that she hopes to acquire someday.

For people of color, seeing ourselves on huge platform gives that added motivation and encouragement to pursue our dreams – whatever that dream is. Being seen as success stories, achievers, and role models gives us the power to push forward regardless of the endless road we face. For some, that road doesn’t always see light at the end, for others, there’s a slight glimmer that seems too far. However far it seems, our passion and motivation are what keeps us going. 

NKASIOBI is the embodiment of women of all colors, personalities, sizes, and perspectives. NKASIOBI is elegant, classic, intrepid, open minded, strong, and self-assured. She’s everything the next generation hopes to be and more. The world looks to her for inspiration, fashion and influence.

With some much going on in the world, creating positivity is what keeps us moving forward. Supporting our women where they need support, empowering them where they need empowerment, and affirming them where they need to be affirmed. As we grow, our hope is to build a community where we can all inspire each other and build a support that brightens one another.

Our muse in this editorial is Lady Dene with photography taken by Doyin “Doc” Adewole.