Combining High-Fashion and Analytical Methods

Founded in Istanbul in 2020, Turkish brand HALEIA was created to combines high fashion and analytical approaches to offer a sophisticated perspective in fashion design. With the technical genius of Hale Baykus as Founder and Creative Director, along with head Designer Damla Kurtoğlu, HALEIA builds a modern and flattering luxury design line that balances the collision of creative and geometric factors.

The DNA of HALEIA plays on masculine-feminine silhouettes, a mission towards nature, and a core aesthetic that creates a sense of freedom in design. Still, in its infancy, HALEIA aims to carry the success it has achieved in a short period, without compromising its international brand identity, and to play a permanent role in fashion.

As Hale and Damia put their creative heads to work, the Fall/Winter 2021-2022 collection titled “Over-Exposed” was presented to the world. Each piece was designed with their decadent couture stitching, conceptual tailoring, and the manipulation of fabrics – producing endless ruffles and pleating – thus making this collection a masterful work of art.

Discovered by the global fashion industry in a very short time, the brand is driven by a greater global appeal of fashion. While based at home in Istanbul, they exhibit their collections in various major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, and Doha. The brand continues to gain strength among the other well-known brands in the industry.