NKASIOBI Private Collection

Fashion is a form of expression; an art piece that sends a message or conveys a feeling that most resonate with thus leading to consumption. Luxury fashion is layered so much rich history and storytelling. Creating a fantasy the most want to be a part of. Like an escapism from the world we see everyday. The true essence of luxury is using references, research, inspiration, innovation, and imagination to design magical and timeless collections that women will wear and reference for years to come. 

Inspired by 1950s-1970s fashion, NKASIOBI’s Spring/Summer 2020 Private Label collection illustrates strong silhouettes that elevates fashion with modern and minimalistic aesthetics. We were inspired by the women wearing the collection. What she looked like? Who she was? What inspired her? With some many references and ideas, we created the persona of an Art Curator that dazzles through her gallery of portraits and paintings, tailored to perfection in the collection. 

Our collection is perfectly crafted with luscious materials from Italy, Barcelona, Spain, and England. Our turquoise long sleeve high slit dress, is created with a lustrous silk satin that drapes elegantly on the body; hugging every form and curve. We bring a level of craft and detailing to create garments that are classic, versatile, and elegant. Our color palette emphasizes the variations within pink and green, and how extraordinary they look when combined.

Fantasy and art are what drives our vision to create magnificent looks and styles for all women of many sizes and backgrounds. With this collection, we hope to continue to inspire and empower women to be comfortable in their skin while they wear our classic and timeless pieces from our collection.